BKW Tasting Series

We are showcasing the food, wine, and spirits we all love by bringing in some of our favorite makers and food and beverage experts to share their knowledge, experience, and products. Tickets are limited,  so be sure to reserve yours early! 



Join us for an introduction to blind tasting this Memorial Day and learn to drink wine like the pros. On Monday, May 29th at 1:30pm and 3:30pm, hone your tastebuds with this introduction to blind tasting. We won't blindfold you, but we will pour the wines "blind,” meaning we won’t tell you what you are tasting, you have to figure it out. You’ll learn to flex your deductive tasting skills to tell the difference between wine varieties using your five senses alone. 

Reservations are required. Reserve Your Tickets!




JUNE 4: Wine & Cheese Tasting

Wine and Cheese

Join BKW General Manager Adam Cornelius for a wine and cheese tasting, featuring Saxelby Cheese! Explore the nuances of everyone's favorite pairing as we taste a selection of Brooklyn Winery wines and Saxelby Cheese cheeses. In these hour long tastings starting at 4pm and 5:30pm, we will discuss flavor profiles, how to pair these flavors together, how these cheeses are made, and enjoy exceptional wine and cheese! 

Reservations are required. Reserve Your Tickets!