We are showcasing the food, wine, and spirits we all love by bringing in some of our favorite makers and food and beverage experts to share their knowledge, experience, and products. Tickets are limited,  so be sure to reserve yours early! 




Join us at 4pm and 5:30pm on Sunday, January 21st for an introduction to the world of wine! We will discuss everyone's favorite topic—wine! Discover how wine is made, what flavors it imparts, and what to consider when pairing with food. During this session you will also learn how to evaluate wine like a professional sommelier, so you can dazzle your friends on your next night out! When it comes to tasting, practice makes perfect, and this is one class you won't mind studying for!

Reservations are required. Reserve your spot today! 


February 11: Wine & Cheese Tasting


Join us at BKW at 4pm and 5:30pm on Sunday, February 11th for a wine and cheese tasting! Explore the nuances of everyone's favorite pairing as we taste a selection of Brooklyn Winery wines alongside delicious cheese. In this hour long tasting, we will discuss wine and cheese flavor profiles, how to pair these flavors together, how wine and cheese is made, all while taste some exceptional wine and cheese!  

Reservations are required. Reserve your spot today! 

More classes coming soon!